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Turning and Carving Woods

Gallery Hardwoods stocks all the "usual" domestic and exotic turning woods in bowl blanks and squares. But we take them a step further by finding the curly and figured forms also.

Big leaf maple is our speciality in all its forms: Quilt, Figure, Curly figure, Burl and Spalt.

We usually have small whole maple burls available (12" to 20" diameters) for large bowl turning or hollow forms.

These burls also make great table bases and carving stock.

If you need a 5000# burl, we can ship that, too!!!

We have whole walnut Burls and Crotches also, and will custom cut to any size.

Turned Maple wall hanging
Turned maple burl wall hanging
by: Joe Wujak

Bigleaf Maple Burl Figure
Big leaf maple
Burl Figure

Maple Burl Podium

Maple Burl Podium
by: Gallery Hardwoods
Bigleaf Maple Table
Bigleaf Maple Table
Buckeye Burl Base
Madrone Top Buckeye Burl Base
Madrone Top
Buckeye Burl Base
Claro Walnut Crotch
Claro Walnut crotch
16" Diameter (turned green)
Whole Maple Burl
16" x 18" Diameter
Whole Maple Burl

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Gallery Hardwoods locates and mills unique, rare, exotic and figured wood for our pen blanks. We recognize the special needs of hobby and professional pen makers to "dazzle" a prospective buyer or client with beautiful eye catching wood.
We mill Burls, Figures, Spalts and many unique wood forms. Sometimes we can produce only a half dozen or so fabulous "one-of-a-kind" blanks. These will go too quick for us to be able to post them to the web site.
Let us know of any special wood you need. We probably have it in stock.....
Standard sizes are: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" but we will custom cut any size required.

Stabilized Woods (Partial List)

Redwood Burl
Maple Burl (some spalted) yellows too!!
Buckeye (Curl and Burl)
Maple (Spalted) beautiful!!!
Koa, Curly
Mango, Spalted
Others too...

Regular Stock (Partial List)
Amboyna Burl
Holly (White or Spalted)
Desert Ironwood
Koa, Hi Curl
Osage Orange
Purpleheart, Spalted
Tulipwood, Brazilian
Bocote, Figured
Brazilian Rosewood
Australian Blackwood, Figured
Myrtle, Spalted & Curly
Maple Burl
Myrtle Burl
Walnut Burl
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