Knife Handles For Sale

After several years of providing fine woods at many custom knife shows, we'll soon have a dedicated knife handle page up and running soon as the software is done. In the mean time, we'll throw up a few wood photos to show the diverse inventory we work with. We have hundreds of scale sets and blocks in stock including stabilized figured maple 'hawk handle blanks. All woods are stabilized unless indicated. Purchase can be made by going to the contact/order form and indicating which scale set number you wish to purchase. Shipping is by priority USPS mail and up to 4 scale sets or blocks can be fitted into one envelope for $5.00 shipping costs. We'll be updating photos constantly and if there's no "sold" tag on the photo it's most likely available.

Custom Knife Shows I will be exhibiting at in 2008




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Black Palm 01
.33 x 1.44 x 6.5"

tb-1 (12K)

Silver Vine 01
.40 x 1.87 x 5.75"
(Silver Vine is an
exclusive GH wood)

tb-9 (13K)

Buckeye 01
.31 x 1.65 x 5.75"

tb-3 (11K)

Buckeye 02
.33 x 1.65 x 5.62"

tb-4 (11K)

Sappy Amboyna Burl 01
.32 x 1.88 x 6"
(similar to R.W. Clark's Blade
magazine cover knife May-03
which we provided)

tb-5 (12K)

Maple Sheath Stock
(samples) all Stabilized
longest piece in photo is 29"

tb-12 (12K)

Desert Ironwood 01
.43 x 1.87 x 5"
not stabilized....$20.00

tb-7 (12K)

Walnut Burl 01
.40 x 1.54 x 5.25"

tb-8 (11K)

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tb-10 (13K) tb-2 (12K) tb-11 (9K) tb-6 (12K)
tb-10 (13K) tb-11 (9K) tb-11 (9K) tb-10 (13K)
tb-10 (13K) tb-11 (9K) tb-11 (9K) tb-10 (13K)
tb-10 (13K) tb-11 (9K)    


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